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F-Rated is a new film rating that highlights films made by and featuring women.

It was developed by FilmBath in 2014 and has been spreading like wildfire - even becoming an official keyword on IMDb in March of 2018. According to FilmBath, any film that answers 'Yes' to one of these questions earns the F-Rating stamp of approval:

  • Does it have a female director?

  • Is it written by a woman?

If a film answers YES to both questions AND features significant female characters on screen then it is awarded a Triple F-Rating.


The aims of the F-Rating, according to FilmBath, are:

  • To champion women in film and highlight their work

  • To encourage conversation around who tells stories we see on screen - and whether that matters.

  • To give the audience an opportunity to #VoteWithYourSeat and support women in film.

Being a shop that empowers women, we feel it's important to pick up the F-Rated banner and put a spotlight in front of our customers on women in film - especially female directors and Triple F-Rated films.

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Try before You Buy!

Our F-Rated movies are all available for purchase - typically $5 for DVDs, $7 for Blu-rays. Get $1 OFF your purchase Fridays and 10% OFF on Saturdays!

Now you can rent a title before you decide to buy! Here's how it works:

  • $1 per daily rental

  • $5.50 for a week

  • Sundays are FREE! Return on Monday.

If you decide to purchase a title after renting it you get a discount on your purchase!

  • 20% OFF after a daily rental!

  • 50% OFF after a week rental!

We take donations and buy used F-Rated films, too! Ask us!

We Go Further...

The F-Rating officially refers to films, but we also open it up to books. So, we have over 200 books written by women!

  • Memoirs - women telling their stories

  • Non-fiction - feminism, women studies, text books, photo books, and more

  • Fiction - romance, mystery, fantasy, classics and more

  • Nora Roberts, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Madeleine L'Engle, Janet Evanovich, Danielle Steele, Patricia Cornwall and many more female authors!

Typically, hardbounds are $7, paperbacks are $5. Prices may vary based on age or condition.

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F-Rated Movie Club

Do you love talking about movies with others? We're forming an F-Rated discussion group, kinda like a book club, only for movies!

We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Due to the holidays we’ll only meet on the 2nd Thursdays of November and December. Look for more information on our Facebook Page. Select the Events tab.

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